How do I add add additional one-time income outside my normal income?

Add additional one-time income to your Cash Pool

How do I add add additional regular income outside my normal income?

Add your minimum expected income to Smart Spend. Be careful not to overestimate. If your income is regular enough, it should not be difficult to find a minimum. Use this amount to budget. If you make more money, add it to your Cash Pool!

Is Smart Spend a zero-sum budget?

Smart Spend is not a zero-sum budgeting tool. Zero-sum budgeting involves accounting for every cent you will spend beforehand.  Smart Spend is about understanding your spending habits and internalizing the value of your money. Smart Spend is about learning to spend your money on things you value! Because of this, we do not recommend balancing your monthly expenses to zero. We believe the only expenses that should go into the app are your "guaranteed" monthly expenses. Your must-haves. These are purchases that will 1) be auto-paid each month, or 2) be your basic necessities like groceries. There is no need to add an expense called 'Entertainment' or 'Eating Out'. Add these purchases directly to Smart Spend manually. Our research shows that having blanket expenses like 'Entertainment' encourages you to spend mindlessly. If you want to save more money, you've got to spend your money only on things you enjoy and value. Don't spend your money just to spend it!

How do I change my monthly income?

Tap on the money bag, then tap on Income

What languages does Smart Spend support?

We only support English right now. We're working on adding support for more commonly used languages

What if I can't find my currency in the list?

Send an email to